Thursday, February 7, 2013

We're Joining a CSA, Y'all!

We are bursting at the seems in excitement for our CSA to begin in April. I have been wanting to join one since my senior year of college...oh, I might have gotten ahead of myself, you don't know what a CSA is? Let me fill you in :)

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Community Supported Agriculture is a way for community members to pledge to support one (or more) local farms. The members share in the risks of the growers while receiving the benefits of their food production. Members subscribe for a season, receiving a share each week containing varying amounts fruits and vegetables. Many CSA's also have shares with herbs, flowers, eggs, meat and value added products (honey, jam, bread, etc.) CSA's create a community between consumers and producers and support the environment, local economy, and eating healthy and local foods.

So back on track...We decided to join the Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative. We chose this mostly because of it being in county, most of the CSA's we found were about 45 minutes away (defeats the local draw, huh?) Starting in April we will be getting a box of produce each week. Something to consider if you are thinking about joining a CSA is that you do not get to choose what you get, you get in season, local produce. "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit," as my second graders would let you know. If you are a picky eater and you don't like to cook, it might not be for you. But I, for the most part, love love love vegetables and love cooking and trying new recipes (and sharing them, too!) So that being said, we are eagerly awaiting our first pick up in April.

The adventure begins in 68 days...we can't wait!

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