Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow (???) Delay...

Today my school had a two hour delay. When I found out about it last night, I had yet to see even a flake. It was raining, but it was only 50 degrees out. So no sign of ice, yet. The weatherman on the local news was very concerned about this storm. Hari and I were apprehensive. How bad could it be?

My view when I woke up this morning.
Not even a flake on the ground!
It...was...not bad at all. When I woke up, there was no snow on the roads or the ground or even the trees. There was no ice to be found. The sun was shinning! It was 50 degrees. These southerners are so funny! Schools had already announced that they were closed for today yesterday at 3 p.m.! Bread was flying off the shelves, stores were out of milk - all for a beautiful day! Oh North Carolina, you amuse my Rochester soul.
Look at all that snow!
Good thing I brought my snow brush to the south!

Despite the lack of storm and the hype over nothing, I did get to have a relaxing morning, and a very nice Friday at school. My internal clock awoke me at seven, the time I typically leave for work, in a panic. "WAKE UP! YOU'RE LATE!" But really, my alarm was not due to go off for another hour. I was able to relax and get ready for work at my leisure. It was lovely! At school, my students arrived at 10:00, went straight to dance, had lunch and then recess, had their weekly spelling and reading tests, then art. By the time that they were done with art there was enough time for snack and a quick read of Scholastic News. What an amazing Friday! Now I have a three day weekend. What a life! I am off to enjoy a well deserved glass of wine for my hard day.

P.S. This is what snow looks like, N.C.
Rochester, NY December 29 2012 - And yes, we still drove in this!
Kiley enjoying the snow in Rochester - December 30, 2012

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