Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where'd we go?

I know I know, it appears I have "pulled a Katie." If you don't know me well, or if you haven't known me might not know what I mean. Let me fill you dad is a dreamer and he passed that trait down to me. I am a dreamer. I get big ideas that I get excited about...and then lose interest. Call it ADHD, call it a busy life, call it lack of followthrough, call it what you like. I have been accused of it.

But let me tell you...this is not the case here, ADHD maybe, but not "pulling a Katie." I know we haven't posted all week, but people get busy. Teachers also can get obsessed with Teachers Pay Teachers check out my store! Did I mention that I am now a seller? Well I am...and let me tell takes up a lot of time for a perfectionist!

Well...what this ramble is all about is...we're still here...I haven't flaked out on my blogging adventure. I love it too much!

A few things that are coming soon...
-Hiking review of Raven Rock State Park
-Homemade Auntie Anne's Pretzel Recipe
-Homemade shower spray
-Curry Chicken Alfredo (yes, it sounds strangely delicious...because it is!)

See y'all soon!

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